Friday, July 3, 2009

Quenched, Salvaged

Familiarity tastes so sweet in this realm of despair.
Further, what s familiar is not always true.

What is a familiar face but a reflection of light?
Closeness, shared affliction, a connection that is never the same.

Love is only a piece of it, if it is a factor of it at all.
The intimate touch of the memories
to the warmth of a singular moment in time.
The feeling that a familiar face can bring about is necessary for love, in fact, it may be more comforting than true love.

What is more interesting is the passing of time
and how it quirks the view of what was real.
Realness is never true, but only emulated.
So perhaps there is no such thing as real.

Maybe we can be familiar with those whom we wish not to be.
Perhaps this can mean more than it should.
A connection between the human psyches of two people.
Any two people, this is the relation that holds us together.
Then why do men pursue death?
Perhaps they get lost.

Perhaps they are scared that they can connect with someone with such intimacy.
They are unfaithful.
Haunted by their relation to people in excess of one.

Who should worry?
Why should men not indulge in this metaphysical state of love?
The idea of passion can be pursued in a dream.
Even in consciousness.

Until the threshold is met, where familiarity turns into the Forgotten.
A transformation ensues, until one can no longer comprehend.
And then all feeling is lost.
One is alone.

But there is hope for man.
Familiarity may turn to truth.
Perhaps the emulator can become reality.
And man can worry not to the Forgotten.

A feeling so real cannot be altered.
A man will stand strong in his faith.

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