Thursday, November 19, 2009

envelop, not release

pain resounds
in the melody
of the warmth unfelt
though I recall what
never was
while these daggers
explore my mind
to find silhouettes
of an abstraction
that spoke of
in∞finity, or
an abyss of affection.


My heart beats chaotically
as I try to make yours beat

Watching you die, I feel
like I never witnessed the many
deaths I have seen between
these walls that fight
for life. I try to wake you
with the light from behind the
curtains, but instead, the light
illuminates the paleness that your
skin screams to my salty eyes.

I miss you though I didn’t
even know you. I only knew
your name and your time of
death. I hope you are now sleeping
on a cloud instead of a stainless table.

I wipe my hands on the pure
white cloth that distances me
from you. All the mistakes I’ve
made can be seen to the world—
the life I couldn’t save.

I wash my hands and rid them
of your life. I lift my head up
in preparation.