Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I never thought that I would become one of them. They were a particularly mysterious group of people, and in fact, they were quite an eccentric bunch. It had always seemed as though they all had previous lives during which they were able to perfect the art of decision making, as to always make the optimal choices, since, in fact, they certainly knew what was best for everyone, including myself. What was most curious to me was that they were all the same in this way, yet they remained an eclectic group of people. Some saved lives. Others fought for justice. There were some who spent their lives fostering the intellect of others. However, all of them were full of passion and had fit perfectly into society, creating beautiful dynamics within the community, all while each trying to tame the world around them.

They were able to do this because they understood how the world worked and why people acted the way they did, and they functioned in their daily lives like the experts that they were; they took care of everything important and the most dire situations as if they had done it their entire lives. Perhaps they were not as similar as I had imagined, and maybe they had different life experiences. I did always find it particularly odd as to how they all ended up on such different paths and how different their journeys were relative to each other. What was this strange process of finding your passion like and how did they end up on their particular path, distinguished from the world of other unique opportunities around them? How peculiar that everything was so clear for them, when for me, my curiosity about everything in the world made if difficult for me to find my bliss among so many uniquely interesting paths.

Now, as I have begun to join their world, I understand that the lines for adults are not as clear as I had once thought and the ideas that each person holds are beautiful, unique, and most importantly, developed through the unique experiences one has and the way in which a person sees the world.

Following my dreams has been a rather difficult task in that my dreams are always evolving and changing. I have found that it is not the lack of inspiration that hinders this process, but it is the excess of inspiration.

one of my favorite quotes:

"the day the child realizes that all adults are imperfect, he becomes an adolescent; the day he forgives them, he becomes an adult; the day he forgives himself, he becomes wise."

-Alden Nowlan

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