Sunday, October 9, 2011

a synesthetic life

I taste pain on the tip of my tongue that I'm not sure if I am to spit out to be in front of me to follow me and watch me or to wash it down somewhere deep within with a cup full of life.  I'll laugh at the world while they laugh at me until the physics of the universe causes our laughter to synchronize and we will laugh together.  I'll put on my glasses to see the world more clearly, and I'll take them off when I tire of my eyes tasting the painful clarity of each vivid color of everything I experience.  I'll trade a smile with a stranger.  Perhaps a word.  Sometimes I'll come out on top, sometimes I'll lose.  But really, there's nothing to lose as the warmth that peeks behind a facade, or a face, is free.  In fact, life is free.  I'm not too different from Superman.  The sun gives me life too.  I know that my heart works with blood, and my mind connects me to another universe, but I do not understand the relationship of my heart and mind.  Sometimes lovers, sometimes as unfriendly as the coarse wind is to the rocks sitting so still and harmless.  I hear a ticking of reality moving.  But who's to know if we're moving forward or backward in time.  Who even knows what forward and backward is?  I wouldn't trust a man who said he did.  They say they can smell fear.  But who are they?  And if they can smell fear, I can mask my life with love.  And they'll search for me, but their efforts will be wasted.  I will be lost in my thoughts, a place that is only where I am.

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