Sunday, July 6, 2008

savor the sun

savor the sun

small, small child,
don't you grow up.
the world is big, too big.

remain in your innocence. remain innocent.
sleep tight, converse with your angels.
dream a dream with wings. big wings.

dance when your heart hears a melodic melody.
laugh with sincerity; cry when you are sad.
smile loudly. smile because joy overwhelms your soul.

play and play and play until you tire.
share your toys.
they're just toys, in fact. only toys.

paint a picture. a beautiful picture.
color outside the lines.
show the world your art. your heartfelt art.

squeeze so, so tightly when you give a hug.
kiss without shame, so light and airy.
love with your whole, whole heart.

savor the sun. and the moon. and the stars.
let the sunshine shine, and fill you with warmth.
and in the silence, savor your silent peace.

sing so sweet. so sweet like sugar.
your voice can overcome mountains.
don't act. act on your will

be free, child.
dear child,
be free.


1 comment:

Brittany said...

holy eff. whoever wrote that is a genius =] i <3 it